Butterfly House Recording Studio

Coronavirus. Stay safe people.

March 17, 2020

Music will get us through the worst and best of times. Be healthy and stay strong. We will be back soon!

Prairie Prince to Paint Butterfly House Studio

May 24, 2015

Prairie Prince, drummer for The Tubes and amazing artist, is coming this week to begin the design and painting of the artwork on the walls of the studio. We're excited to see what he'll come up with! Psychedelic Butterflies maybe?


James  Saunders

March 06, 2020

Recording his latest opus, San Francisco native Songwriter/Drummer, James Saunders in the house!

Dallas Guier Recording at Butterfly House Studio

May 20, 2015

Dallas Guier will be back up in June to finish the mix on his debut CD, Burn The Roses.

Butterfly House is truely an incredible place on the planet. The house is unique in so many ways. The views are incredible. It's an inspiring place to gather yourself and play great music. — Dallas Guier

Johnnie Fiori

MarcH 1, 2020

Johnnie has had to get back home to the U.K. We're looking forward to getting together soon! Safe travels J!

Geno Finley Visits Studio

May 15, 2015

An old friend of Gary and Rick, Guitarist/ Songwriter, Geno Finley was in the studio last week.

This place is amazing! The sound, the views! What a killer place to work. — Geno Finley, Guitarist/ Songwriter